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Message from the Chair
Dr Madhu Rao, Chair
Major News
First WCPA Annual Report
IMPAC5 Outcomes
WCPA's marine leadership gathers at the IUCN pavilion at IMPAC5 in Vancouver, Canada 
Updates from Specialist Groups

Climate Change Specialist Group: Workshop on Nature-based Climate Solutions in Protected Areas
Tourism and Protected Areas (TAPAS) Specialist Group: New Book Announcement
Mountain Protected Areas Specialist Group: New Update Published
Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures (OECMs) Specialist Group: Restructuring the group
Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures (OECMs) Specialist Group: “OECMs in Europe: The Way Forward” workshop
Sustainable Finance Specialist Group: Good Practice Guidelines for Sustainable Finance Writing Workshop
Updates from WCPA Task Forces

New Task Force: Addressing the challenge of Human Wildlife Conflict & Coexistence (HWC) in Protected and Conserved Areas
Harmonizing Classifications and Nomenclature Task Force: Workshop on Harmonization of Classifications and Nomenclatures of Area-Based Conservation
Updates from WCPA Regions

North Africa/West Asia: OECMs Webinar Outcomes
North America: Leadership transition
North America: Parks Canada and WCPA give IMPAC5 participants a magnificent day to understand Indigenous life and ecology in the Vancouver Channel islands
East and Southern Africa: Leadership transition
Europe: “Historic moment” for nature as Europe’s first wild river national park is announced in Albania
Europe: Study Trip River Restoration
Europe: Technical Workshop on Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) Target 3 in Brussels
Oceania: Progress on ending native forest logging
Updates from WCPA Themes

Marine: Our Oceans Conference, Panama
Governance, Equity and Rights: New publication 
Spotlight on Vilm
In Memoriam: 

Remembering Dr. Kathy MacKinnon (1948–2023)
Remembering Dr. Eleanor Sterling (1960–2023)
Remembering Gordon Miller (1941–2023)
Relevant publications by WCPA members
WCPA Publications
Image credits: First photo by Sean Southey; IMPAC5 photo by Erinn Drage; OECM workshop photo by Johnny Briggs; Sustainable Finance workshop photos by David Meyers & Hugo van Zyl; Harmonization workshop photo by Cumberland Lodge; Vancouver Channel islands excursion photo by Raven August; Vjosa river photo by Boris Erg; Europe study trip photo by Stephanie Blutaumüller; T3 Technical Workshop photo by Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS); Our Oceans Conference photo by Andrew Rhodes; Vilm photo by Brent Mitchell; photo of Kathy MacKinnon by IUCN; photo of Eleanor Sterling by D. Finnin/CBC-AMNH; photo of Gordon Miller by Colin Dilcock.