September 2023 Edition
Dear CEM members,
We are glad to share with you the third trimestral issue of 2023 of the Ecosystem Insider Newsletter from the Commission on Ecosystem Management.
CEM Highlights
56th CEM Steering Committee
Launch of the 5th Global Forum on Ecological Restoration: Cultural and Social Approaches for Assessing Restoration Impact  
First CEM Regional Chair Forum
New Group Lead for the Wetlands Specialist Group
CEM Vice Chair for Latin America and Caribbean appointed as a IPBES Bureau member
More CEM News
GEO Global Ecosystem Atlas meeting
Global Red List of ecosystems assessments underway for Mangrove and Coral reef ecosystems
New preprints on the Red List of Ecosystems
New guidance aims to maximize benefits of ecosystem restoration
Meet our CEM Group Leads – Jessica Walsh
Upcoming Events 
Forests Livelihoods, Assessment, Research, and Engagement (FLARE) Meeting
CEM Dialogues
Project Tiger: Joining the Dots for India’s Wildlife Conservation
Watch the webinar here
CEM Dialogue on Experiences by YPs in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
Watch the webinar here
Exploring Ways to efficiently adopt Ecosystem-based Approach to Fisheries and Aquaculture
Watch the Dialogue here
Ecosystem Restoration Webinar Series – Global Initiatives in Science and Practice
Past Events 
3rd Local Youth Conference on Climate Change in Colombia
10th World Conference on Ecological Restoration
Red List of Ecosystems Symposium at the International Congress for Conservation Biology - ICCB
A work synergy begins between Mesoamerican CEM and IUCN Regional Office for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean: A training course on the application of the Nature-based Solutions Standard for IUCN staff in Latin America
SERT in the Resilience in the Anthropocene Summit
Latest publications