March 2023 Edition
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Dear CEM members,
We are glad to share with you the first trimestral issue of 2023 of the Ecosystem Insider Newsletter from the Commission on Ecosystem Management.
CEM Highlights
1st ever IUCN all-Commissions meeting
CEM 55th Steering Committee Meeting
IUCN Engage, a new platform to bring us closer
1st Consultative Seminar on Ecosystems, RLE and NbS
CEM News
IMEC Webinar series
17th CEM Dialogue: Harithaharam: Telangana’s Green Initiatives
CEM Webinar: Our Tigers Return: a success story
Webinar: Young scientists in El Salvador; Challenges and opportunities
Nature Positive Working Group update
Sustainable Infrastructure Partnership
Ecosystem Restoration Webinars: Global Initiatives in Science and Practice
SUME Contribution for the Ecosystem Insider
Routledge book launch
Standards of Practice to Guide Ecosystem Restoration: A Contribution to the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration
Raising awareness for the Pulicat Lagoon
Call for Papers on NbS
Upcoming Events
Conferences on Ecological Restoration
10th World Conference on Ecological Restoration
Join NASA’s Applied Remote Sensing Training Program
Latest publications