December 2022 Edition
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Dear CEM members,
We are glad to share with you the 8th issue of the Ecosystem Insider Newsletterfrom the Commission on Ecosystem Management
CEM Highlights
The entire planet’s ecosystems classified for the first time: Published in Nature
Council meeting and all-commissions meeting in Abu Dhabi
55th Steering Committee and Workshop in India
A Global Ecosystem Typology meeting in Cambridge, UK
Restoration Day at COP15
IMEC on Nature Positive at COP15
NbS Ahead of COP 15: Where Are We Now?
Systemic Risk and the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework at COP15
Forest Specialist Group launches a Webinar
Our latest publication on Wetlands at Risk is out
Rewilding is the new green
Ecosystem Services and Nature-based Solutions for more resilient society
Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean YPN soon to launch a podcast
CEM YPN in the Celebration of the Day of Protected and Conserved Areas in Latin America
YPN work sessions in Latin America
Participation of the CEM Latin America in the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Project: “Altiplano Resiliente”, ORMACC, Guatemala.”
SERT’s spanish-speaking webinar on resilience and transformation in Latin America
IMEC Webinars: Lessons learned
Recent publications
Resilience for Compounding and Cascading Events and Equitable and Resilient Infrastructure Investments
Performance auditing to assess the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia
Adaptative Governance of river deltas under accelerating environmental change
Methods of Assessment and Sustainability
Science and Policy Delay leading to Loss of Natural Capital: Case Study of Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere
Emerging European Developments in Impact Assessment
Ecological-environmental challenges and restoration of aquatic ecosystems of the Middle-Eastern
Modeling wetland restoration scenarios in Gavkhooni International Wetland
Evaluation of Zayandehroud basin health in the Iranian plateau
Nature-based solutions in the NDCs of Latin American and Caribbean countries: classification of commitments for climate action