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Request for Proposals: Recovery of Species on the Brink of Extinction 
SSC Internal Grant
Changes within the SSC Network Coordination team of the Global Species Programme
IUCN SSC Quarterly Report
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Red List updated July 2019
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Shark Specialist Group
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Asian Species Action Partnership
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Sun Bear Collaboration
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Conservation Planning Specialist Group
Shark Specialist Group
Small Mammal Specialist Group
WCPA Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group
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IUCN SOS Rapid Action Grants
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SSC Chair's Office and Amphibian Specialist Group
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Cactus and Succulent Plants Specialist Group
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Climate Change Specialist Group
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Reintroduction Specialist Group evolves into the Conservation Translocation Specialist Group
Skink Specialist Group
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lUCN World Conservation Congress 2020
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IUCN Green List of Species
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14th edition: Master's Degree in Management and Conservation of Species in Trade: the International Framework
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Courses at Durrell
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IPBES Call for nominations of experts
Internship Guide
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IUCN SSC Human-Wildlife Conflict Task Force
Job opening: Asian Toad Program Coordinator, Madagascar
Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme
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Life in Conservation
Prince Bernhard Nature Fund
Riverine Rabbit population discovered
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Synchronicity Earth
Wild Animal Health Field Course
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Publishing within IUCN - Commission 'Cheat Sheet'
Article on Aichi Target 13
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Apes, crops and communities: land concessions and conservation in Cameroon
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Biodiversity loss, development crisis?
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Choosing the Right Messenger:
Guidelines for Reducing Demand for Illegal Wildlife (TRAFFIC)
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Designing Effective Messages:
Guidelines for Reducing Demand for Illegal Wildlife (TRAFFIC)
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European Red List of terrestrial molluscs: snails, slugs, and semi-slugs
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European Red List of selected endemic shrubs
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Lichen Specialist Group
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Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic Animals
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Saving the Tasmanian Devil
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