News from the IUCN Species Survival Commission and the Global Species Programme
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SSC EDGE Internal Grants
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IUCN World Conservation Congress
IUCN’s New “Green Status of Species” Measures Impact of Conservation Action
IUCN Red List updated
Press release
Nearly Half of Caribbean Freshwater Fishes Threatened with Extinction
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NEW IUCN Save Our Species webinar
Re:wild and IUCN SSC become first global organisations to call for the recognition of fungi as one of three kingdoms of life critical to protecting and restoring Earth
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FAO, IUCN SSC and OIE warn of African swine fever impact on wildlife conservation
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Teaming up to Protect Endangered Species
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Shrinking spaces for the world’s largest land animal
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WildTeam UK online workshops
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2019 Report of the Species Survival Commission and the Global Species and Key Biodiversity Area Programme
IUCN SSC Quarterly Report
Global Conservation Translocation Perspective
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Biosecurity for humanitarian aid / The global need to address threats from invasive alien iguanas
Position Statement on the critical need for greater search effort for Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis)
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IUCN SSC Asian Songbird Trade Specialist Group: A Brief Report On Its First Four Years: 2017-2020
A Global Register of Competences for Threatened Species Recovery Practitioners
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High aboveground carbon stock of African tropical montane forests
Red Colobus Conservation Action Plan 2021-2026